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Delectable: A Food TCG

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Card Count: 180, Card Worth: 184
Current Collections: French Toast
Mastered Sets: None Yet

Collection: French Toast (09/15)

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Trade Log

Monday, December 24, 2012:
Suza: gyoza08, misosoup05, misosoup10, persimmons14, takoyako12 for frenchtoast15, coffee07, coffee11, mango03, mango04 & member cards

Monday, January 14, 2013:
Vality: petitfours05 for friedchicken11
Sheva: konpeito08 for frenchtoast02 & member cards
Shawna: cupcakes09, petitfours05 for frenchtoast08, frenchtoast09 & member cards

Update Log

Friday, November 30, 2012: (starter pack) frenchtoast01, frenchtoast06, grilledcheese15, bibimbap04, mintchocolatechip12, takoyaki12, bibimbap13, tiramisu14, gyoza08, christmascookies02

Saturday, December 15, 2012:
Updates - December 03: kingcake11, lemons13, lollipops08, peaches09, pomegranate14
Updates - December 10: blackbeans07, chiliconqueso13, persimmons12, petitfours05, gingerbreadmen06
Card Puzzle: redvelvetcake06, misosoup10
Hangman: spaghetti06, gingerbreadmen02
Higher or Lower: bagels05, rice12
Lottery: apples08, mintchocolatechip12, grapes15
Memory: hottea05, coffee03, rice07
Pick A Vegetable: coffee09, snickerdoodles05
Slots: friedchicken07, misosoup05, mango12
Spin The Wheel: strawberrycheesecake06, frenchtoast06, lemons07
Tic Tac Toe: broccoli05, macarons02, grilledcheese04
Time of Day: gyoza10, persimmons14, snickerdoodles07, friedchicken09

Monday, December 31, 2012:
Card Puzzle: broccoli15, icedtea10
Higher or Lower: champagne01, bibimbap07
Memory: cupcakes09, bananas15, frenchtoast12
Spin The Wheel: apples09
Time of Day: petitfours05, pho14, persimmons07, petitfours01
Pick A Vegetable: takoyaki12
War: strawberries07, pierogi02, hottea11
Hangman: gummybears02, apples06
Blackjack: doughnuts05, steak07
Slots: coconut15, konpeito15, grapes12
Tic Tac Toe: tacos09, princesscake13, gingerbreadmen06
Site Updates - December 17: Wishing Well: strawberrycheesecake01, starbucks08 New Sets: corndogs12, konpeito08, pancakes01, princesscake01, steak13
Site Updates - December 21: frenchtoast11, corndogs01, lollipops12, grilledcheese01, garlicbread15, apples14, frozenyogurt03, strawberrycheesecake04

Friday, January 04, 2013:
Site Updates - December 31: New Sets ~ blueberries14, brie05, candycanes07, lasagna04, nachos03 Year ~ strawberrycheesecake12, frenchtoast05, mango01, redvelvetcake01 + starbucks13

Monday, January 21, 2013:
Site Updates - January 07: cherries10, gingerbreadhouse09, lychee11, momijimanju02, parsley14 Wishing Well ~ cherries09, gingerbreadhouse04, lychee07
Site Updates - January 14: chocolateblocks01, fettuccinealfredo02, pralines06, starfruit02, truffles04 Wishing Well ~ strawberrycheesecake02
Higher or Lower: coffee03, bibimbap05
Memory: snickerdoodles15, strawberries01, princesscake11
Spin The Wheel: milk06, corndogs13
Time of Day: chiliconqueso09, petitfours15, garlicbread09, pomegranate10
Pick A Vegetable: bubbletea11
Hangman: bacon04, konpeito09
Slots: strawberries03, bulgogi12, grapes04
Tic Tac Toe: gummybears08, macarons12, strawberries04

Friday, February 08, 2013:
Card Puzzle: sapinsapin08, corndogs10
Higher or Lower: blueberries03, chiliconqueso03
Memory: pho01, rice05, garlicbread10
Spin The Wheel: mango04, bacon15, burek04, pizza09
Time of Day: strawberries05, chocolateblocks10, sapinsapin07, redvelvetcake14
Lottery: peaches08
Pick A Vegetable: nachos11, pomegranate11, burek15
Hangman: chocolateblocks15, cupcakes12
Blackjack: curry04, mango07
Tic Tac Toe: sapinsapin05, broccoli14, lollipops07
Slots: gingerbreadmen06, mango06, cabbagerolls15
FEBRUARY 04 Site Updates: burek03, gibanica06, lumpia02, sapinsapin03, tangyuan10
JANUARY 28 Site Updates: baklava02, chocolatestrawberries05, conversationhearts07, cornbread11, curry13
JANUARY 21 Site Updates: frenchtoast10, strawberrycheesecake03, starbucks01
Birthday: blackbeans15, takoyaki15, hottea14, cookiedough04, snickerdoodles11 + 1 choice card