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Phenomena: A Nature TCG

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Card Count: 204, Card Worth: 207
Current Collections: Stars
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Collection: Stars (09/20)

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Trade Log

Friday, December 07, 2012:
Sheva: yorkshireterriers07 for dragonflies14

Wednesday, December 19, 2012:
Chii: dawn09, flowerpetals18 for winter03, winter05 & member cards

Thursday, December 27, 2012:
Sheva: philippines08, persimmons02 for dragonflies01, dragonflies03
Mez: roses03 for stars13 & member cards
Michelle: goldenretrievers10, goldenretrievers13 for aurora04, aurora11 & member cards

Saturday, January 05, 2013:
Jenny: babyelephants03, acadia10, grandcanyon09, grandcanyon11, grandcanyon16, and grandcanyon18 for topaz01, volcanoes02, volcanoes15, volcanoes19, hummingbirds06, dolphins15, and lightning16 & member cards
Hotaru: tanzanite17, snowflakes09 for stars15, clouds01 & member cards

Update Log

Friday, November 30, 2012: (starter pack) stars10, stars07, stars06, dragonflies18, dawn09, summer08, cherryblossoms02, summer05, yorkshireterriers07, topaz17, grandcanyon09

Friday, December 07, 2012:
Updates - December 5: leaves01, philippines08, turtles11, tanzanite17, flowerpetals01 (wishing well) kittens05
Card Puzzle: england15, dragonflies11
Hangman: clouds13, pandas06
Higher or Lower: flowerpetals18, philippines14
Slots: amethyst06, dragonflies16, trees06
Memory: mounthood04, forests11, cherryblossoms15
Pick A Random: sunsets16, grandcanyon19, mountrushmore08
Tic Tac Toe: grandcanyon16, rain10, philippines12
Distorted Card: dragonflies16, roses03, philippines14
Lottery: dolphins02, england15
Guess The Location: winter19, toypoodles17, siamesecats10

Wednesday, December 19, 2012:
Blackjack: sunsets08, turtles19
Card Puzzle: mounthood08, amethyst19
Hangman: persimmons02, goldenretrievers13
Higher or Lower: cherries02, aurora09
Distorted Card: dolphins02, amethyst15, lightning20
Word Scramble: kunzite10, sapphire16
Lottery: clouds20
Site Update - December 12: (wishing well) stars01, clouds19, volcanoes05, kittens04, redpandas16, cats15 (new decks) persimmons15, icicles01, goldenretrievers10, southkorea16, lilac07

Saturday, December 22, 2012:
Slots: dogs01, southkorea05, stars10
Memory: turtles06, england13, sunsets05
Spin The Wheel: southkorea13, pearl03, roses07
Tic Tac Toe: tanzanite19, oranges04, goldenretrievers20
War: lakes09, icicles04
Trivia: southkorea01, toypoodles01, leaves11, dolphins11
Magnified: sunsets15, peridot19, seashells13
Guess The Animal: lilac15, toypoodles12
Guess The Location: stonehenge15, mounthood09, flowerpetals03
Puzzle: sapphire12, dragonflies17, seashells02, dragonflies10, waterfalls02, cats03
Site Update - December 19: New Decks: bettafish15, water14, raspberries15, forgetmenots08, lions04 Wishing Well: (winter) winter20, lightning01, moon17, cats02, polarbears17, stars20, + kittens0
Level Up: stars16, beaches02, lemons06, babyelephants03,

Friday, December 28, 2012:
Blackjack: grandcanyon11, clouds19
Card Puzzle: dolphins11, winter02
Go Fish: forests06
Hangman: grandcanyon18, trees20
Higher or Lower: pearl09, england16
Distorted Card: lightning18, cherryblossoms01, grandcanyon10
Word Scramble: leaves10, kunzite19
Guess The Plant: toypoodles14, lakes12, rain14
Guess The Mineral: japan19, leaves01, autumn12, waterfalls02
Lottery: yorkshireterriers15
Site Updates - December 26: dandelions18, hummingbirds15, acadia10, snowflakes09, grass16

Friday, February 08, 2013:
Hangman: philippines01, grass05
Higher or Lower: mounthood01, daisies09
Word Scramble: grandcanyon01, stars06
Guess The Plant: morningglories06, raspberries13, persimmons03
Lottery: waterfalls05
Memory: flowerpetals18, forgetmenots14, lilac02
Pick A Random: bamboo12, yorkshireterriers03
Tic Tac Toe: lions04, mountains06, hibiscus10
Trivia: water13, apples09, amethyst05, lakepowell02
Magnified: kunzite04, morningglories08, lions04
Guess The Animal: dawn17, raspberries15
Guess The Location: snowflakes17, elephants05, icicles19
Slots: acadia08, topaz07, dolphins09
Birthday: snowflakes19, waterfalls11, summer02, mountains07, japan03 + 1 choice card (stars05)
JAN 23 Site Updates: persiancats08, amber05, redeyedtreefrog05, moss06, willow13
JAN 16 Site Updates: jellyfish13, kiwi13, pinecones09, copper09, swans20
JAN 19 Site Updates: Wishing Well - (JAN20) japan05, stars11, dragonflies02, cats20 New Decks - beagles07, hydrangea20, stargazer11, obsidian13, lakepowell14